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If you are a tenant of social housing or a local housing association property in the United Kingdom, we can help you file a compensation claim against your landlord if your residence has fallen into disrepair. This is often referred to as filing a compensation claim for despair against a housing association landlord.

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If you live in a council-owned property, we can also help you to make a disrepair claim against your local council.

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Suing a housing association for disrepair and personal injury

If you are injured due to the negligence of your housing association, you may be able to sue for damages. Housing association tenants have the same legal rights as private tenants, so you are able to seek compensation if you are injured and your landlord is directly or indirectly at fault.

If you are injured as a result of your housing association’s negligence, you may be able to file a claim for damages. As a tenant of a housing association, you have the same legal rights as any other private tenant; this means that you can seek financial compensation if you are injured and your landlord is directly or indirectly responsible.

Can you make a housing disrepair claim against housing associations?

As a social housing tenant, you are entitled to a good standard of living. Housing associations must make sure that the dwellings they offer are in a reasonable condition and that disrepair issues, if any, are addressed promptly. Failing to do so may result in compensatory damages being awarded to tenants for injuries caused by the associations’ actions or inaction. At our firm, we understand the physical, emotional, and financial strains that renting poor housing can have on tenants and are committed to helping them receive the repairs they need.

Are you a Council or Housing association Tenant with housing disrepair issues?
If so we can help you claim compensation on a NO Win, NO Fee basis.

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Liam M

Council Tenant

My flat was repaired in time for my child’s birth and I received rent refunds and compensation. The team were very helpful and understanding of my dangerous situation.

Ashley Y

Council Tenant

We had been waiting for 12 months for the damp to be repaired by the council but got nowhere. We were told by a friend that this company could help and within 6 months we received compensation for damages & all the damp and mould was removed.

client 4

Wayne B

Housing Association Tenant

client 4 client 4 client 4 client 4 client 4

Couldn’t leave any clothes in any of the bedrooms due to dampness and mould, our clothes, possessions & electronics were ruined and not to mention the huge amounts of stress this caused over the years. I am so grateful for your help with getting my property repaired for me & the financial compensation awarded to me has changed my life. Thank you so much

How much compensation can you get for housing association disrepair?

Types of Damages

The amount of compensation owed to you in a local housing authority claim fall under two categories – general damages and special damages.

The rent you have paid during the time your property was in disrepair can be used as the basis for your compensation claim. You will be awarded a percentage of your rent that reflects the severity of the disrepair.

The actual percentage you receive depends on how uninhabitable the property was. If the property was completely uninhabitable, you would be compensated 100%. However, this is very rare and most claims range between 25% and 50% of the rent you paid.

What else is the landlord responsible for?

If your rented council home or housing association property has not been repaired, you may be eligible to make a housing disrepair claim for the necessary repairs and compensation.

Are you a Council or Housing association Tenant with housing disrepair issues?
If so we can help you claim compensation on a NO Win, NO Fee basis.

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Do landlords have to fix damp?

Yes, Landlords are often responsible for dealing with rising damp. This is because there’s an implied term in your tenancy agreement that says that it’s the landlord’s responsibility to keep the exterior and structure of your home in repair.

Can you claim compensation for mould?

Yes, if you are making a mould-related claim for an illness or injury caused by mould, your compensation payout could be worth tens of thousands of pounds. If your mould-related claim is successful, you can expect to receive two types of payout.

The first part of your mould compensation will be general damages. This is the largest payout, which compensates you for the pain and suffering you have experienced as a result of your illness.

How long can a landlord leave you without hot water or heating?

According to English law, your landlord is obligated to provide you with a dependable source of heating or hot water at all times. This means that as a tenant, you are entitled to have a central heating system or equipment for space heating in every room of the property that you occupy. The rented property should also have a working boiler for heating water.

Your landlord is responsible for maintaining the hot water and heating systems as well as appliances such as electric heaters that they have supplied. They must also ensure that these systems are kept in proper working order. If you experience any problems with your heating or hot water systems, your landlord must make the repairs and they must pay for said repairs and maintenance themselves.

Suing housing associations for unsafe properties

If you are injured as a result of your housing association’s failure to maintain their property in a reasonable state of repair, or to deal with reported issues in a timely manner, you may be eligible to make a claim for damages. Our housing disrepair solicitors can advise you on whether you are eligible to make a claim and can represent you on a no win no fee basis should you decide to take legal action against your housing association.

Are you a Council or Housing association Tenant with housing disrepair issues?
If so we can help you claim compensation on a NO Win, NO Fee basis.

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Who is responsible for windows and doors in a rented property?

Landlords are responsible for exterior repairs to a rental property, including damage to doors and windows. This responsibility exists even if the rental agreement says that the tenant is responsible for repairs. Damaged or broken windows and doors can lead to many issues, including dampness and mould, and can also be a safety risk.

Landlords should ensure that external windows and doors can close and that they are damp and draught-proof. They should fix any eroded sealants, broken door handles or locks, rotten window frames, faulty hinges or broken glass.

Am I eligible to make a housing association disrepair claim?

If you have been injured or suffered ill health in the last 3 years because of an accident that occurred in a Housing Association property, you may be able to file a housing disrepair compensation claim against your landlords. If your injury occurred through no fault of your own because the property was ill-maintained and the Housing Association landlords failed to put right a defect in an acceptable time-frame having been notified in writing of the problem, our personal injury solicitors would discuss your case with you before offering valuable advice on how best to proceed in filing your claim.

What is housing disrepair?

Housing disrepair is a situation in which the condition of a rented house or flat has deteriorated or changed negatively since the tenant moved in. This can be damage or deterioration to the exterior that is connected to or forms part of the actual dwelling, or interior of the house or flat, their structure and common parts in case of a building divided into flats. The lease outlines whose responsibility it is to maintain the place and failure to do so can result in a housing disrepair claim being made.

What are the risks arising from poorly-maintained properties?

Living in a property that does not meet basic sanitation and safety standards can pose a risk to human health. Some of the common problems experienced by tenants and their families include:

  • Leaks and damp conditions that, if not tackled in a timely manner, could cause mould-related illnesses such as asthma, especially in young or vulnerable residents
  • Poorly maintained premises that can cause slip, trip and fall accidents or other injuries from collapsing ceilings, broken handrails and defective balconies
  • Faulty wiring that poses a greater-than-average fire risk
  • Poorly maintained and lit common areas such as stairwells, which can cause slip, trip and fall accidents
  • Problems with windows and doors, which can cause condensation to build up leading to damp or mould growth, and may prevent escape in the event of fire
  • Poor quality or incorrectly fitted boilers that can emit toxic fumes such as carbon monoxide, which can be fatal in some circumstances.

Are you a Council or Housing association Tenant with housing disrepair issues?
If so we can help you claim compensation on a NO Win, NO Fee basis.

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