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The house where you live, whether it is a rental or your own house, plays a very big role in your mental and physical health and also your lifestyle, so it is very important that the property and the house are livable. If you live in a rented property then your landlord is legally responsible to provide a clean, sustainable, functional property.

Housing disrepair is when a rented property deteriorates or requires repairs so that it is safe and suitable to live in, it is your landlord’s responsibility to ensure a reasonable living standard is met.

Housing disrepair usually consists of the following issues:

Mould or damp problems, pest infestations, leaks & water damage, broken heating systems, faulty electrical wiring, internal deterioration, gutters, drains & pipes, structural issues, broken kitchen, bathroom fittings & more. Take action and contact our team today on  0333 050 8887 

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Ashley Y

Council Tenant

We had been waiting for 12 months for the damp to be repaired by the council but got nowhere. We were told by a friend that this company could help and within 6 months we received compensation for damages & all the damp and mould was removed.

client 4

Wayne B

Housing Association Tenant

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Couldn’t leave any clothes in any of the bedrooms due to dampness and mould, our clothes, possessions & electronics were ruined and not to mention the huge amounts of stress this caused over the years. I am so grateful for your help with getting my property repaired for me & the financial compensation awarded to me has changed my life. Thank you so much

Liam M

Council Tenant

My flat was repaired in time for my child’s birth and I received rent refunds and compensation. The team were very helpful and understanding of my dangerous situation.

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Helping Crawley based tenants claim for housing disrepair issues

Whether your landlord is a company, private individual, or housing association doesn’t matter, all rental properties must be fit and habitable, meaning that the landlord must maintain the property throughout the rental term. Landlords have to repair and maintain the property, including fixing problems that are reported by tenants and mentioned below.

  • Your property’s structure and exterior, such as the roof, walls and windows
  • Damp & Mould issues
  • Sanitary fittings such as baths, sinks and basins, this also includes pipes and drains
  • Heating and water systems
  • Gas appliances
  • Ventilation
  • Electrical wiring

If you rent your property, it is the obligation of your landlord to make necessary repairs. It can be distressing if your landlord refuses to perform repairs, and we realize that minimum standards of safety are required.

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Dealing with housing issues can be highly stressful – and it is often an uphill struggle to obtain assistance from your landlord. Fortunately, there are legal mechanisms in place that will ensure your home is fit for human habitation.

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Frequently asked questions

Housing disrepair is when a rented property deteriorates or falls into a state of disrepair so that it is no longer safe to live in. It is the landlord’s responsibility to ensure the rented property is well maintained.

If you are living in rented accommodation that is not fit for human habitation, and your landlord has refused to respond to or rectify your concerns, then you must make your claim within 6 years from the date you made your landlord aware of the disrepair. Any personal injury claims must be made within 3 years from the date you made the landlord aware of the defect. The length of a claim will be dependent on the complexity of the claim.